Course Description

This EdTech syllabus uses a rhetorical strategy we’re all familiar with – the syllabus, or course outline – as a metaphor for thinking about how we structure our learning about educational technologies and tech-related professional development. Just as the syllabus structures the experience of classroom learning, our syllabus structures our approach to teaching with and about educational technology. In this syllabus, you’ll find information about our team, about the policies and practices and shape our work, and about resources for your own projects, from readings to workshops to walk-throughs. You can use it as an introduction to the subject, or you can take a deep dive and really dig in to something you’re passionate about.

Course Objectives

  • Why do we build persistent resources that can be openly shared?
  • Why do we share the work of other institutions rather building everything from scratch?
  • Why do we fuse good teaching practice in all the technologies we produce?
  • What are some philosophical underpinnings, for example, why do we run workshops rather than classes, pedagogy?
  • Why do we use primarily open source resources?

Course Readings

Are you wondering about the thinking that underlies the work we do, or are you looking for more resources and documentation on the tools we support? You can find that material here.

Course Calendar

  • Pre-semester
  • Semester start
  • Midterm
  • End of semester
  • Reflective practice
  • Professional development

Course Instructor

I work as a learning technologist in the Learning Technology & Innovations (LTI) department at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). Most recently, I am helping faculty pivot their face-2-face classes to digital and I am grateful for the MET community and all the support and knowledge that I am receiving.